Which Anti Bedsore Mattress to Choose?

The bedsore mattress is indispensable for medical equipment in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Static mattress, dynamic mattresses, air mattresses … Among the various models of mattresses, as individual health professionals usually have trouble choosing the mattress that suits them the most.

Static mattresses

The static mattress will conform to the shape, weight, and human movements. Thus, they help to better distribute the pressure at each change of position.
The conventional foam mattress is recommended for low risk of bedsores, such as polyurethane foam mattress, such memory foam mattresses with Flexi Form .

This is also the case of mattress waffle makers , such as mattress foam waffle BULTEX , effective in cases of bedsores that are medium risk, through its contact systems that promote weight distribution and avoid maceration effects leaving circulate air.
The viscoelastic foam mattresses are useful for preventing the risk of moderate pressure sores because they reduce the pressure of the contact areas by improving blood circulation: this is evident in the case of the mattress Alova XXL .
There are also special medical mattresses as well as mattress specially designed for couples , the image memory foam mattress ALOVA bed 2 places for couples with one home care bed separate beds. It is actually two mattresses of 70 cm each.

Air mattresses can also be a good choice for relieving bed sores. We would recommend a queen sized airbed like the ones here  www.bestairmattressreviews.net/queen-size-inflatable-beds/.  It should be noted though that you need to get a high quality airbed or don’t get one at all.