Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Make sure you have all the basics: rags and rags, sponges, kitchen rolls and a good pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands. Here is a list of products that are normally needed for deep cleaning. Never forget to wear gloves and read the instructions on the label of each container. For extra caution, first apply the product on a small, different surface as a test.

– surface cleaner or disinfectant spray
– antibacterial cleaner for the refrigerator and cupboards
– furnace cleaner
– floor cleaner
– product to remove tartar
– metal or wood polisher
– Before you start, wash everything you have in the kitchen sink to clear the workspace and get to work!

Cleaning kitchen fixtures, cabinets and surfaces
The first thing you need to clean are the cupboards and surfaces:

Empty drawers and cupboards before beginning cleaning. Use a disinfectant spray and a microfiber cloth to clean inside.
Clean the exterior of surfaces such as cupboards, shelves and the air extractor. you might need a ladder.
For the front of the cupboards, the most effective is usually to wipe a wet cloth with warm water and soap. If the doors are made of wood, it is best to use a wood cleaner.

After storing everything in place give it the finishing touch, spray a little surface cleaner on the counter and tiles, and wipe.
Deep kitchen cleaning: appliances
Cleaning the oven, sink and refrigerator is usually the most laborious, but if you do everything together, you will save time and energy.  For the sink just rub the faucet with a stainless steel friendly cleaner and you will have it  looking good in no time.

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